Modified Erecticon

Modified Erecticon is a system of standardized welded members with related fittings that act as building blocks for substations. All bolt holes are punched on 3″ centers, allowing for an exact fit as well as interchangeability. This system also allows for easy expansion later, eliminating the need to cut off existing plates, drill new holes or weld additional members.

Modified Erecticon features:

Standardized Elements

All Erecticon structures consists of three basic welded tresses, related members and components.

Easier Assembly

We weld columns and trusses, eliminating the bolting of lacing members. All boltholes in trusses, plates, brackets and fixtures are punched on three-inch centers for exacting fit an interchangeability. All assembly is done on the ground, and we stamp numbers on all items so you can easily identify them.

Easy Expansion

With boltholes that match up, you don’t need to risk damaging the galvanizing bond by drilling or burning in the field.

Complete Salvageability

You can disassemble a substation and re-erect at a new site or store in a warehouse for future use. In addition, you can use parts from one station to modify another structure.

After determining the basic configuration of a structure, you’ll simply specify the necessary standard items from the bill of material and let us know how many bolts are required.

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