Wood / Steel Equivalents

V&S Schuler specializes in wood pole equivalents and masts. When replacing an existing distribution line or erecting a new one, tapered steel poles are the best choice because of longevity, price, maintenance costs and the long spans they support. We have an extensive catalog of wood pool equivalents and masts that we can provide quickly and at a lower overall cost than wood.

We fabricate a wide range of tapered tubular poles for the electrical utility industry at two locations:

V&S Schuler Tubular Products, LLC

Our 100,000 square-foot facility in Muskogee, Oklahoma. BSCO high capacity seam welder to that can weld poles up to 60’ in length and 80” in diameter. This machine lifts and rotates poles during the welding process, greatly reducing production time. We also have a portable seam welder for custom projects

V&S Schuler Engineering, Inc – Burton, Ohio

Featuring two bays that are 55’ wide by 450’ long and seven overhead cranes – several of which can carry up to 30 tons when synchronized – this 57,000 square-foot facility near Cleveland, Ohio, is equipped to handle projects of any size.

With two locations devoted to fabricating tubular products, V&S Schuler has the capacity to manufacture tapered poles for projects throughout the United States.

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