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V&S Schuler Engineering is in the process of purchasing a facility in Canton, Ohio, that will allow us to expand our product line, increase production, and assemble large structures in-house for customers.

The 5.5-acre property features two buildings totaling about 76,000 square feet for manufacturing and 4,000 square feet of office space. Located about three miles from our existing Canton headquarters, the buildings contain a total of seven cranes.

“We have outgrown our current facilities,” V&S Schuler Engineering Operations Manager George Cook said. “The proximity of this facility to our existing Canton location is ideal and will enable us to streamline our operations.”

The facility will serve as our shipping headquarters and house production of ZoneGuard, the highway barrier product we produce for our parent company, Hill & Smith. With the additional space, V&S Schuler Engineering will also produce several other highway safety products.

“We’re excited about increasing our line of road safety products to include Crash Cushion Barriers and Variable Message Trailers in addition to the ZoneGuard product,” Cook said. “With the extra space created by moving the shipping department, we’re also looking to further expand our line of tapered tubular product line at our existing facility.”

V&S Schuler Engineering is also planning to use the additional space to produce fully assembled substation structures that can be shipped to the field, giving customers a great alternative to constructing them on site.

V&S Schuler is still finalizing the purchase, and the facility will undergo extensive updates and remodeling before we start operations there.

“We’re looking to start operations at the new facility in May or June,” Cook said. “This is an exciting development. Adding this facility will open new markets for us.”


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