New Cutting Machine Increases Production

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V&S Schuler Engineering Inc. recently purchased a state-of-the-art MetalMaster Evolution cutting machine from Messer Cutting Systems, substantially up-grading the plate production equipment at our facility in Canton, Ohio. This state-of-the-art machinery will make our operation even more efficient, increasing productivity and further improving safety.

Messer technicians will start installing the new system in late August, and we expect it to be up and running in early September. Including installation costs and minor renovations to the facility in preparation for the new equipment, this investment in the future will cost nearly $500,000.

This system features a 10’ X 35’ burn table with 8’ wide cutting capability and HyDefinition plasma equipment capable of cut-ting material up to 2” with exceptional speed, precision, quality and consistency. It also comes with oxygen-fueled torches that can cut up to 4” and a rotating bevel head to pre-cut weld prep bevels on plates. With this technology, cardboard templates like the ones used on our current plasma table will no longer be necessary.

A self-cleaning downdraft table has doors that open automatically as the cutting machine passes over the cutting zone, eliminating the need to manually empty pans to remove slag. This “Slagger Table” also comes with a wireless re-mote control that enables the operator to walk along with the blade and stop it if necessary. Other safety features include Two-Zone protection set-up with light curtains to section the table off during operation, and a dust collection system that uses a downdraft to improve air quality.

“This machine can easily cut ½” steel at 170 IPM (inches per minute),” Operations Manager George Cook said. “That speed, along with the cut precision, bevel capability and safety features, will enable us to take our plate production capability to an-other level. We’re excited about what we’re going to do with that capability.”

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